Little Bloomers eco-friendly gifts from Plant a Bloomer, creators of plantable gifts and decorations made from 100% recycled seed embedded paper. Shortlisted for eco-friendly gift of the year and recommended by Time Out magazine.






Bespoke design: Can you amend the colour or design of a product?
We are unable to amend the colour, design or packaging of our products unless you wish to place an order of a minimum of 1000 units. We can however offer a personalised insert/tag for orders of 25+ units of our favours range.

Delivery: How soon will my order be dispatched?
Orders are usually dispatched within 2-4 working days by first class post. Orders above £25.00 in value are sent by Royal Mail first class recorded and orders above £50.00 in value are sent by Royal Mail special delivery. If you require your order urgently please email us and we will try to accommodate your request.

Discounts: Do you offer discounts for multiple unit orders?
If you wish to order 25 or more units of any one product we can offer a discount. For Little Bloomers please see our Favours page for details of quantity discounts. For any other product please contact us with details of your requirements.

International customers: How do I place an order for delivery overseas?
If you are an overseas customer please email us with your order details and delivery location. Please also specify if you need to have your order by a certain date. We will then calculate postage to your destination and contact you to arrange payment.

International customers: Are ‘Bloomers’ suitable for sending overseas?
The seeds used in our products are a wildflower mix of species which originate in Europe and America but are commonly grown or naturalised on both continents. Download our seed information guide for a list of seed types . Please note, each product will contain a random mix of one or more of these seed types. None of the seeds are known to be invasive. However overseas customers should check the regulations relating to import of seeds into their country before placing an order for Plant a Bloomer products.

Personalisation: Can you personalise my order?
When ordering online you can provide a gift message to be included with your purchase. If you’d like some help writing a message please refer to our Gift message suggestions page. If you are ordering a quantity of 25 or more units we can also supply your product with a personalised insert or tag. Please email us with details of your requirements.

Prices: If 'Bloomers' are made from recycled materials why are their prices not lower?
The handmade paper used in our products is made from 100% recycled post-consumer waste. The scrap materials are not of high value in themselves but the process by which our paper is made and processed into the final products is labour intensive. In addition, unlike other cheaper alternatives our paper is naturally coloured by sorting and blending the raw waste materials and it contains inclusions such as flowers, ferns and sparkling natural mica. Find out more about how our products are produced by downloading our Papermaking and production guide. Finally we like to ensure that our products beautifully packaged and presented to make desirable gifts which the recipient will be delighted to receive!

Seed types: What seed types are included in ‘Bloomers’.
Plant a Bloomer products contain a mixture of wildflower seeds, except ‘Plant a Four Leaf Clover’ which contains clover seeds. Download our seed information guide for a list of seed types. . Please note, each product will contain a random mix of one or more of these seed types.

Seed germination: Can you guarantee germination of seeds?
Plant a Bloomer products contain seeds which have been selected for a good rate of germination. To ensure a successful ‘planting’ we recommend that you plant your ‘Bloomer’ as per the instructions provided. Place your plant pot in a warm spot and ensure that the soil is kept moist but well drained.  Please allow up to 2-3 weeks for germination to take place. The exact number of seed inclusions in each product will vary, and due to the nature of seeds we can not guarantee a specific rate of germination or number of seedlings per product. However you can usually expect to see 2-6 seedlings per plantable shape (depending on size of shape).

Weddings & Events : Can I order 'Bloomers' as favours for my wedding?
Plant a Bloomer gifts are ideal as favours for your wedding or special event. For further details regarding designs, prices and personalisation please see our Favours section.

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